Notarial Services


Before we can deliver a notarial service to you, you need to lay out the details of your matter to us, so that we can work out a list of all the documents required for the particular transaction, and schedule an appointment with the notary. For more information, please go to our Contact Us page.
Once you have a list of all documents needed for the specific transaction and got hold of same, you have to deliver them to the notary. They can be sent to our e-mail address in the form of scanned copies. Original copies of all required documents must be presented at the Office on the day of the transaction at the latest, if they have previously been verified by the performing notary.
Notarial acts are executed solely in the Polish language. Where a party to the transaction does not speak Polish, an officially certified (sworn) translator/interpreter is required to attend, commissioned for the language the party has command of.
Before a notarial service can be performed, the parties must be ID-ed (basing on their Identity Card, Passport or Residence Permit).

Notaries are authorised to

  • draw up notarial deeds
  • draw up deeds of succession
  • perform tasks related to the European Certificate of Succession
  • perform tasks related to the succession management of a deceased natural person’s business
  • issue notarial certifications
  • record minutes
  • draw up protests of bills and cheques
  • accept money, securities, documents, data on a data storage medium for safe-keeping
    produce true copies of and excerpts from documents
  • prepare draft deeds, declarations and other instruments, upon parties’ request
  • submit applications for entries in land and mortgage registers, with supporting documents therefor
  • perform tasks related to the European Certificate of Succession

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